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Resources Membership In The IEA H2
Overview of Steps to Participate (pdf)

Why join the International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (IEA HIA)?

The International Energy Agency Hydrogen TCP (HTCP) offers Members the opportunity to participate in a global research, development & demonstration (R,D&D) collaboration in hydrogen.  With a 35 + year operating history and significant accomplishments to its credit, the Hydrogen TCP is a unique leader in this field.  Our cooperative R,D&D strategy advances the Hydrogen TCP mission of accelerating hydrogen implementation and utilization on a global basis.  Our R,D&D portfolio is organized in “tasks” comprised of long-term, pre-competitive activities and near-term activities, all of which are supported by analysis and outreach.  For Hydrogen TCP Members, a modest investment of resources leverages a substantial return for Member programs and businesses. 

Who is eligible to join?

There are two categories of membership:  Contracting Parties and Sponsors.

Contracting Parties come from:
  1. the governments of both Organization of Economic Development (OECD) Member or OECD non-Member countries;
  2. the European Community (now the EU);
  3. international  organizations  in  which  the  governments  of  OECD  Member  countries and/or OECD non -Member countries participate; and
  4. any national agency, public organization, private corporation or other entity designated by the government of an OECD Member country or an OECD non-Member country, or by the European Union.
Sponsors  come from: 

an entity of an OECD Member country or an OECD non-Member country which is not designated by the government of its country to participate in a particular IA; or 
  1. a non-intergovernmental international entity in which one or more countries (whether or not members of the IEA or of the OECD) participate.
  2. There are four types of Sponsors:  public-private partnerships, companies, non-profit associations and (unfederated) consortia.
The IEA HIA welcomes new Members-- whether Contracting Parties or Sponsors-- who have the interest, willingness and capability to participate in IEA HIA tasks and activities.

Membership/Participation Requirements
  • Members must participate in at least one task through in-kind contribution of an expert. Tasks typically meet twice a year in a location selected by task participants.
  • Members are expected to attend Executive Committee (ExCo) Meetings:
    • In odd years there are two in-person ExCo Meetings. 
    • In even years there is one in-person ExCo Meeting; the other ExCo Meeting takes place via a multi-session Global Webinar. In-person ExCo Meetings are hosted by Member invitation in locations around the world.
  • Members must pay annual Common Fund Dues (currently set at $12,500 USD), which support management and outreach of the IEA HIA.

Benefits and Value Proposition
  • Members have a seat on the IEA HIA Executive Committee, a vote and a voice in developing the IEA HIA strategy and portfolio. 
  • Members are eligible to participate in any and all IEA HIA tasks with payment of a single fee -- the annual IEA HIA Common Fund dues.  There are no extra charges.
  • Careful intellectual property (IP) treatment protects research activities results.
  • Members are part of collaboration with a neutral international profile and a high leverage factor, as well as an established network of researchers and a truly global reach.
Distinction between Contracting Party Members and Sponsor Members
  • As Contracting Parties represent governments of countries and the EU, the constituents of these entities are eligible to participate in all IEA HIA tasks.  In contrast, a Sponsor Member represents itself, so the Sponsor Member may participate in all IEA HIA tasks on its own behalf.
  • Unlike Contracting Parties, Sponsor Members are unable to serve as Chair or Vice-Chair.  Sponsor Members are also unable to veto an otherwise unanimous  ExCo vote that requires unanimity.
How to join/Steps in the Accession Process
  • Request an invitation from the IEA HIA Manager to attend an IEA HIA ExCo Meeting as an observer
  • Express interest in joining the IEA HIA in order to obtain a formal written invitation from the IEA HIA ExCo
  • On receipt of the formal written IEA HIA invitation to join, respond with written acceptance to IEA headquarters in Paris
  • Execute and return “Signature Page” to IEA headquarters in Paris
  • Pay Common Fund Dues to IEA HIA Secretariat

For more information and/or an invitation to attend an IEA HIA Executive Committee Meeting as an observer.

Marina Holgado Dones, Main contact
IEA Hydrogen TCP Technical Secretariat
ARIEMA EnergĂ­a y Medioambiente S.L.
Ronda de Poniente 15, 1ª planta Izda-B
28760 Tres Cantos, Madrid

tel: +34 677 10 68 15

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