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TASK 36: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
TASK 38: Power-To-Hydrogen and Hydrogen-To-X
TASK 26: Advanced Materials for Waterphotolysis
TASK 25: Process Sheet Synopsis
TASK 24: Wind Energy & Hydrogen Integration
  • IEA-HIA Task 24 Wind Energy & Hydrogen Integration (PDF 3.97 MB) Aaron Hoskin, Allan Schröder Pedersen, Elli Varkaraki, Francisco Javier Pino, Ismael Aso, Jesös Simön, Jochen Lehmann, Jörg Linnemann, Klaus Stolzenburg, Lorenzo Castrillo, Milagros Rey, Pablo Fontela, Raquel Garde, Raymond Schmid, Ritah Mubbala, Rupert G
TASK 23: Small-scale Reformers for On-Site Hydrogen Supply
TASK 22: Fundamental and Applied hydrogen storage materials
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TASK 19:
TASK 18:
The International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) Task 18, Integrated Systems - Evaluation of Hydrogen Demonstration Projects, is pleased to announce release of its Subtask B final report entitled Demonstration Project Evaluations. Subtask B evaluated hydrogen-based power system and hydrogen refueling system demonstration projects in Task 18 member countries. This report describes the scope of work in Phase 1 (2004-2006) of Subtask B and conveys the conclusions of its evaluations for:

• Modeling and detailed analysis of five (5) demonstrations that included technical simulations
• Analysis of three (3) demonstrations in less detail
• Case studies of eight (8) demonstrations, three of which were analyzed in detail.

The report also provides general conclusions in the areas of system evaluations, data monitoring, modeling tools, system design, control systems and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Task 18 Subtask A Final Report (PDF 346.32 KB)
    Susan Schoenung (Operating Agent), Øystein Ulleberg (subtask B coordinator), Norway, et al Annex 18 of the Hydrogen Implementing Agreement of the International Energy Agency deals with Integrated Hydrogen Systems Evaluation and has an overall goal to provide information about hydrogen integration into society around the world. Subtask A of Annex 18 is to provide data and analysis to the hydrogen community regarding the developing use of hydrogen in the form of inventory databases and/or compiled summaries. This report addresses the activities.
  • Final Task 18 Report - 11/06 Petten (PDF 2.73 MB) - Dr. Susan M. Schoenung
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