Activities Task 24
Read: Task 24 Wind Energy & Hydrogen Inegration Final Report

Authors: Aaron Hoskin, Allan Schrøder Pedersen, Elli Varkaraki, Francisco Javier Pino, Ismael Aso, Jesús Simón, Jochen Lehmann, Jörg Linnemann, Klaus Stolzenburg, Lorenzo Castrillo, Milagros Rey, Pablo Fontela, Raquel Garde, Raymond Schmid, Ritah Mubbala, Rupert Gammon, Salvador Suarez, Stein Trygve Briskeby & Stian Nygaard
Editor: Luis Correas
ISBN: 978-0-9815041-5-5

The International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) is pleased to announce the release of its Task 24 Final Report: Wind Energy & Hydrogen Integration. The main purpose of Task 24 was to provide an overview of technologies that have direct influence on development and implementation of systems integrating wind energy with hydrogen production. The Final Report concludes that the wind/hydrogen alternative appears to be an attractive storage option for overcoming a major drawback, the intermittent availability of wind energy, which affects both stand-alone and gridconnected applications.

The Final Report was presented for approval at the 68th IEA HIA Executive Committee Meeting March 13-14, 2013 in Paris, France.

  • Wind power evolution in European countries and Japan
  • The impact of high wind energy penetration on power systems
  • Electricity storage systems
  • Technologies: wind; electrolysis; system integration; hydrogen compression and storage; hydrogen to electricity conversion options
  • Categorization of Wind-Hydrogen systems
  • Software simulation tools
  • Evaluation of Wind-Hydrogen System Projects
  • Lessons Learned and Community Perspectives

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