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Activities Task 23
Read: IEA HIA Task 23 Small-Scale Reformers For On-Site Hydrogen Supply Final Report

Authors: Ingrid Schjølberg, Eugino Calo, Eric van Dijk, Atilla Ersöz, Esther Ochoa Fernandez, Christian Hulteberg, Dick Lieftink, Corfitz Nelsson, Jacques Saint-Just, Frederik Silversand, Ralph Stauss, Isamu Yasuda
Corresponding author: Ingrid Schjolberg
ISBN 978-0-9815041-4-8
The International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (HIA) is pleased to announce the release of its Task 23 Final Report: Small-scale Reformers for Onsite Hydrogen Supply. Task 23’s main objective was to provide a basis for harmonization of technology for on-site hydrogen production from hydrocarbons and renewables. Four sub-objectives were outlined to meet this vision:
  • First, a basis for harmonized capacities of on-site reformer units was developed.
  • Second, the issues related to promotion of widespread on-site reformers were identified
  • and examined.
  • Third, a global market guide for the use of on-site reformers was created.
  • Fourth, the technological links to renewables were described.
The report was approved for release at the 68th IEA HIA Executive Committee Meeting March 13-14, 2013 in Paris, France.

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