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About IEA H2 Strategic Framework
The strategy of the IEA's Hydrogen Program is to facilitate, coordinate, and maintain innovative RD&D activities through international cooperation and information exchange. Seven areas are targeted: Technology, Energy Security, Environmental, Economic, Market, Deployment, and Outreach.

The IEA HIA operates in five (5) year cycles called "terms."  Before beginning a new term, a Strategic Plan is developed and adopted; at the end of a term, an End of Term Report is produced to capture key results and activities.  IEA HIA Strategic Plans and End of Term Reports may be accessed by clicking on this topic in the sidebar to the right.

Below please see the molecular diagram that illustrates the IEA HIA Strategic Framework for the 2015-2020 terms.




Vision, Mission, and Strategy
Themes and Portfolios
IEA H2 Strategic Plans and End of Term Reports
IEA H2 Executive Summary
Membership in IEA H2

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