Gordon Research Conference: Hydrogen-Metal Systems

Event location: Rey Don Jaime Grand Hotel 
Avinguda de l'Hotel 
22 Castelldefels 
Castelldefels 08860 
Event date and time: Jun 30, 2019

Understanding the Interaction of Hydrogen with Materials from the Atomic Level to Systems
June 30 - July 5, 2019

Since 1981, the "Hydrogen-Metal Systems" conference aim has been to give an opportunity for researchers and students to be exposed to the latest developments in all aspects of metal-hydrogen interactions. The openness and format of the conference makes it an ideal environment for exchange of ideas and establishment of collaborations. All talks are invited but all attendees are welcome to submit a poster. Approximately eight poster applications will be selected to present short, 10 minute, oral presentations on their poster topic during the Monday evening session. All presentations including the ensuing discussions are considered as private, with the restriction that the given information is not for public use. As there are no parallel sessions, attendees are able to attend every invited talk. The attendees are invited to present posters on novel and unpublished results in order to stimulate discussions during the evening sessions. Free afternoons are ideal periods for networking, group discussions, and informal one-on-one interactions. This is a good opportunity for young researchers and students to meet and speak to international experts in the field of metal-hydrogen interactions. The 2019 Conference on Hydrogen-Metal Systems will focus on understanding the interaction of hydrogen with materials from the atomic level, up to bulk properties to meet the need of a range of applications, as described by the research topics noted in the sessions below.
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