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With a 40 year operating history and significant accomplishments to its credit, the International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) is a unique leader in the management of coordinated hydrogen research, development and demonstration activities on a global basis.

Through the creation and conduct of nearly forty annexes or tasks, IEA Hydrogen has facilitated and managed a comprehensive range of Research, Development & Demonstration (R, D&D) and analysis programs among its Contracting Party (country and international organizations) and Sponsor (industry, PPP, non-profit) Members.


The IEA HIA belongs to the IEA Energy Technology Network, a framework created by the IEA



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Latest News

Thanks to a collaboration of the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF), IEA GHG, Equinor and IEA Hydrogen, a full-day workshop on Hydrogen Production with CCS was organized and held on 6 November at the EDF Chatou Campus in Chatou, France. The workshop included a plenary with three sessions (The Role of Hydrogen in a low-carbon economy; Case Studies; Technology status of hydrogen production from fossil fuels with CCS), followed by breakout discussion groups. View all presentations

The FCH JU graciously hosted a Task 41 Definition Meeting – Data and Modeling – on 29 August 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. Topics of discussion included how to model Hydrogen in the value chain and improve current methods, experiences from other tasks and data consolidation of parameters describing Hydrogen technologies.

The IEA’s (www.iea.org) newly published report entitled “The Future of Hydrogen" as well as the Executive Summary, are available now. This study provides an extensive and independent assessment of hydrogen that lays out where things stand now; the ways in which hydrogen can help to achieve a clean, secure and affordable energy future; and how we can go about realising its potential. The IEA has identified four near-term opportunities to boost hydrogen on the path towards its clean and have made 7 key recommendations to scale up hydrogen. The IEA Hydrogen TCP was pleased to contribute to the preparation of this report.

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Latest Publications

The Task 36 Technology Brief is up now. The goal of IEA HIA Task 36 was to facilitate decision-making in the hydrogen energy sector through sustainability assessment of hydrogen energy systems. It was successfully completed in the period 2015-2017, with effective dissemination of the key results: review of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, social acceptance, harmonization protocols, sustainability framework, and application to relevant case studies.

The Task 35 Final Report is up now. The objective of the Renewable Hydrogen Task 35 was to create within the IEA Hydrogen TCP frameworkj an international network of experts in all the renewable hydrogen pathways to leverage developments in critical technology areas with crosscutting importance to all such pathways.

The Task 36 Final Report is up now. The goal of IEA HIA Task 36 was to facilitate decision-making in the hydrogen energy sector through nustainability assessment of hydrogen energy systems. Experts from 5 different countries (Spain [Operating Agent], Germany, Japan, Norway, and Italy) worked within the framework of this task.

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