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Welcome to IEA Hydrogen

With a 40 year operating history and significant accomplishments to its credit, the International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) is a unique leader in the management of coordinated hydrogen research, development and demonstration activities on a global basis.

Through the creation and conduct of forty + annexes or tasks, IEA Hydrogen has facilitated and managed a comprehensive range of Research, Development & Demonstration (R, D&D) and analysis programs among its 31 Members: 25 Contracting Parties (country and international organizations) and 6 Sponsor Members (industry, PPP, non-profit) Members.


The IEA HIA belongs to the IEA Energy Technology Network, a framework created by the IEA



Latest News

The IEA Hydrogen Strategic Plan 2020-2025 and the End of Term Report 2015-2020 have been finalized and approved.

The IEA Hydrogen Strategic Plan 2020-2025 presents the strategic framework and work programme for the coming five-year term. It includes: the Strategic Framework; Mission/Vision/Strategy; Overarching Objectives that inform Strategic Plan; Themes and Portfolios – Principles that organize the Strategic Plan; and the 2020 Work Programme with RD&D Theme and Priorities. As well, there is discussion of IEA Hydrogen relevance and alignment with the IEA Mission and Medium-Term Strategy for Research and Technology.
The IEA Hydrogen End of Term Report 2015-2020 conveys the outcomes of the previous five-year term. It encompasses: the strategic framework for this term; the activities and outcomes; key task findings/results, lessons learned & success stories as well as products; and membership, governance and resources. There were 24 IEA Hydrogen Members at the beginning of the term and 31 Members at the end. 

IEA Hydrogen anticipates continued growth in both membership and work programme in the coming five years.

New Members!

IEA Hydrogen is pleased and proud to welcome two new Contracting Party Members, Canada and Portugal. Canada, a founding member of the IEA Hydrogen Implementing Agreement, officially rejoined on 26 November 2019. Portugal, a renewable energy leader, joined on 7 January 2020. Their accession brings the total number of IEA Hydrogen members to 31.

Below please see an image of all IEA Hydrogen members and their representatives.

Thanks to a collaboration of the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF), IEA GHG, Equinor and IEA Hydrogen, a full-day workshop on Hydrogen Production with CCS was organized and held on 6 November at the EDF Chatou Campus in Chatou, France. The workshop included a plenary with three sessions (The Role of Hydrogen in a low-carbon economy; Case Studies; Technology status of hydrogen production from fossil fuels with CCS), followed by breakout discussion groups. View all presentations

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Latest Publications

The Task 32 Final Report entitled "Materials for hydrogen-based energy storage -- past, recent progress and future outlook" is available now. This report covers the development over the last 6 years of hydrogen storage materials, methods and techniques, including electrochemical and thermal storage systems. An overview is given on the background to the various methods, the current state of development and the future prospects.

The Task 36 Technology Brief is up now. The goal of IEA HIA Task 36 was to facilitate decision-making in the hydrogen energy sector through sustainability assessment of hydrogen energy systems. It was successfully completed in the period 2015-2017, with effective dissemination of the key results: review of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies, social acceptance, harmonization protocols, sustainability framework, and application to relevant case studies.

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