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With a 35 + year operating history and significant accomplishments to its credit, the International Energy Agency (IEA) Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) is a unique leader in the management of coordinated hydrogen research, development and demonstration activities on a global basis.

Through the creation and conduct of nearly forty annexes or tasks, IEA Hydrogen has facilitated and managed a comprehensive range of Research, Development & Demonstration (R, D&D) and analysis programs among its Contracting Party (country and international organizations) and Sponsor (industry, PPP, non-profit) Members.


The IEA HIA belongs to the IEA Energy Technology Network, a framework created by the IEA


Latest News

NOW, an IEA Hydrogen member and advisor to H2 Mobility Germany, announces publication of a Comparative Analysis of Infrastructure: Hydrogen Fueling and Electric Charging of Vehicles, prepared by Jülich Research Centre. This scenario analysis shows that with one million H2 vehicles (FCEVs) on the road, H2 infrastructure is cheaper than a system of battery recharging points. The H2 infrastructure advantage stems from dispensing of H2 at centrally organized refueling stations (H2 refueling stations.)  While both technologies are vital for successful decarbonisation of the transport sector, the build up of H2 infrastructure is more cost friendly over time than the battery infrastructure.

The Winter 2017 IEA Hydrogen Newsette is now available. This newsette includes updates on strategy matters as well as recent task highlights and success stories. Also featured are details on IEA H2 ExCo Meetings, events, and outreach activities. Highlight: IEA Hydrogen Chairman, Paul Lucchese, participated in the 2nd Universal Meeting of IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCP) on 9 and 10 October in Paris, France. 

On 30 November 2017, the workshop “Hydrogen” took place at the event of the Topsector Energy in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. Marcel Weeda, one of the speakers and former Operating Agent of IEA H2 Task 28 – Infrastructure, described the international context of hydrogen and approaches to enhance the growth in the number of Hydrogen Refilling Stations (HRS) in The Netherlands.

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Latest Publications

The Global Trends and Outlook for Hydrogen report is now available. This special report identifies the environmental problems we face and examines why hydrogen offers an elegant solution to our current climate crucible. 

The IEA HIA 2016 Annual Report is now available. 2016 brought progress to the worldview of hydrogen’s role in integrated energy systems. In 2017, IEA Hydrogen aims to enhance that understanding through our task and all related activities.

Task 29: Distributed and Community Hydrogen Energy (DISCO-H2) has produced a Subtask 4 Report: Replicability and Market Readiness of the Six Case Study TechnologiesSubtask 4 assesses the market readiness of each of the projects under a framework developed by the Task participants by drawing on ST2 and ST3 results and additional analysis to draw market readiness conclusions across the six projects.

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